Garrett Albright

…is a web developer currently living in Boise, Idaho. My most notable contribution to the web development world is the Pathologic module for the Drupal content management system, which is in use on over 66,000 sites as of the last time I checked. However, I’ve also worked on a lot of other things, including various issues and things with the Drupal project itself.

However, I am currently on something of a sabbatical from Drupal development due to various reasons; one being an interest to learn more about other technologies, and another being disgust at the way the Drupal Association has behaved with regards to Larry “Crell” Garfield. If the Association is going to create an environment where someone of Crell’s level of dedication and talent is not welcome, then I certainly don’t feel welcome either. (I do feel flattered that the easter egg I snuck in the codebase a few years ago is still there, though.)

The technologies I am developing in the sabbatical include iOS and macOS development with Swift. I still consider myself a newbie in regards to these technologies, but I feel that I am progressing rapidly.

I am currently available for contract work involving development in PHP (including Drupal or other systems) and Swift, front-end development with HTML 5, JavaScript and CSS, and technical writing and general consulting. My hourly rates are competitive relative to my skill level in each field — in other words, I’m a very cheap Swift developer! But if you are interested in hiring me for PHP work, please be willing to pay a fair price before contacting me.

I can be reached via email at

Relevant links

Note that, in light of the Crell incident, I have been releasing some of my newer work under an alias that I aim to keep disconnected from my real name, and thus isn't available at any of the links below. If you are earnestly soliciting me for hire, I can share this other work with you for review.

If you’re such a good web developer, why is this site so bland?

The cobbler’s children have no shoes. I just don’t want to work on my own site right now when there are more interesting projects I could be working on. Maybe some day, it will be more interesting.